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A Fairy Tale Wedding - Our interview with R&B singer Monica Brown

(1)  Tell us about your wedding day
Our wedding day was perfect ... I included every important element that spoke to who we both were as people. I didn't use a specific book for organization but I made sure that each idea, thought and important thing that I waned incorporated in the wedding I put in my notes as well as shared with my wedding planner Mindy Weiss

2) Did you have a theme?
I went the fairytale route with our wedding. A royal regal theme using deep hues of blue and purple ...

3) What is the one thing you will always remember about this special day?
One of the most memorable moments during our wedding was Kim Burell singing I Look To You by Whitney Houston... It was a special moment between he and I and a vulnerable one especially for me. I'm typically pretty tough but in that moment I was not and felt no need to be 

4) Is there something you wished you should incorporated into your wedding?
When I looked back at the entire day not one thing was missing ... We kept people out, God and our planner in so it was PERFECT 

5) If there was one piece of wedding advice you could give to couples what would it be?
I would say to any bride and groom make sure you don't forget that it's your day and it's about YOU!!! People can become selfish and forget that it's not about them... 

6) Was there a special moment during your ceremony?
My stepfather is a Methodist minister and our faith is very important to us... I had him and my pastor Bishop Paul Morton officiate & lots of Christian music and choirs 

7) What was important to you while planning your wedding?
We married in our living room almost 6 months prior , just us and a minister so our goal during the wedding was to make sure our family enjoyed it... Great food, of course liquor, amazing DJ (Jermaine Dupri) an Ice bar, plenty dessert and after they danced the night away they were sent home with fresh FatBurgers ... We left the vendor picking to Mindy Weiss because we trusted that she would get our vision.

8) What was your vision for your wedding invitations?
We wanted unique, amazing invitations and that was provided to us by Sandi.... There was a lot that went into the creating, packing and shipping of our crown themed invites (click to see invitations)

9) Did you have a great experience in planning your wedding?
The planning process was great it allowed us to bind and try things we hadn't before and to create memories that truly will last a lifetime 

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